Above The Waves


Having trouble getting Above The Waves running? Helpful information can be found in the readme file that comes with the game.

In the meantime, here are some notes that might be helpful. For anything not covered here, please email contact@twolofbees.com!

On Linux

There are two .sh files that launch the game, one for running it in windowed mode and one for running it in full screen mode. On multiple monitor systems, full screen mode may misbehave. This is an upstream engine issue.

If the game does not start, try launching it from a terminal. If the game complains about a missing library, you can try installing it yourself from your distribution's repositories, or you can email contact@twolofbees.com with details of the missing libraries and we'll get you sorted!

On Mac

You may see a warning message saying that Above The Waves can not be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. This is a feature of Apple's Gatekeeper security software that is designed to prevent malicious applications from running.

You can work around this by right clicking on the Above The Waves application and selecting "Open" from the context menu. This time, the warning should have an "Open" button to allow you to bypass Gatekeeper's restrictions. This an alternative methods for disabling Gatekeeper can be found here on Apple's support site.

Only use these steps to run copies of Above The Waves that you have downloaded from one of the links on the Downloads page.

On Windows

If you're having trouble finding the right file to open, try dragging and dropping atw.slg onto SLUDGEEngine.exe. Alterntatively, you can open SLUDGEEngine.exe and select atw.slg from the filebrowser that appears.

Last updated: 02 Sep 2015


If you're having trouble making it through the AdventureJam Edition of Above The Waves, but still want to see how it ends, you can find a plain text walkthrough for the game here.

Last updated: 02 Sep 2015